A religious devotee. Acolytes tend to live
somewhat sheltered lives as priests and aides
in major religions, until the call to adventure
Many Hylians grow up as Acolytes in the
Temple of the Goddesses, or as shrine
caretakers of the Heroic Deities, Link and
Zelda. Zora Acolytes are worshipers of
Jaboon, and are rarely seen outside of Zora’s
Domain. Almost no Gerudo become
acolytes to any religion.


A special sort of criminal who specializes in
taking advantage of others. Charlatans are
most often found in small towns and cities
where they can disappear into the crowd
following a successful con.
While anyone can become a Charlatan,
many Twili and Kokiri take up “the Game”
because of the mischief it causes.


Someone who breaks the law for fun and
profit. Criminals come from every walk of
life and every type of environment, and they
range from petty thievery to outright
Anyone can become a criminal, given a
certain set of circumstances.


An actor, singer, dancer or other who provides
enjoyment through their performances to
others. Every culture enjoys the entertainer’s
Hylians and Zora typically enjoy poetry,
acting, and singing/music to other arts,
whereas Kokiri and Gorons enjoy dancing
and instruments. Gerudo and Twili enjoy
magic, as well as skillful displays such as
fire-eating and juggling, preferably

Folk Hero

Before stepping onto the world stage the
hero first saved a lone village near to their
heart. A Folk Hero may rise from anywhere
he or she is needed; wherever a monster
pillages or a child cries out, they’ll be there.
Anyone can be a folk hero.

Guild Artisan

A man or woman of business. Artisans
learned a trade and practice it well, usually
accompanied by a union of like-minded
Most Artisans will be found anywhere
there is a city large enough to support their
trade. Availability of materials and the needs
of locals will factor into this very heavily.
Many Gerudo artisans, for example, take up
stone and leather crafting, while Kokiri,
despite their home environment being what
it is, generally do not take up woodworking.


One who lives alone. Hermits prefer the
peace and quiet of solitude to the bustle of
towns and villages. For whatever reason
they have reentered society once more.
Many Gerudos and Dekus will become
hermits in order to train their bodies and
minds, or to discover some hidden truth.


An aristocrat. Nobles exist in all societies,
even if they aren’t legally defined as such.
There is always a cultural, spiritual, or
economic elite.
The Hylians have an official hierarchy of
noble titles, as do the Zora. Gorons and
Dekus are more informal, usually only
having a King or Mayor, and one or two
princes and princesses. Twili and the people
of Lon Lon elect leaders, and so do not have
a legalized nobility. Gerudo Nobility is
simply the higher ranking Warriors.


A survivor of the wilderness. An outlander,
like the hermit, tends to live alone though
not exclusively. They live in the wilds for
years at a time away from greater
civilization. They live off the land and
survive using their wits.
Every race has its members who chose to
live apart from urban civilization.


A scholar. Sages are a class of learners
who delve into the deepest mysteries
and the murkiest of Apocrypha to bring
Truth to the people, or a sizeable grant
to their institution.
The urbanized Hylians possess the most
sages by virtue of the existence of
libraries in many cities.
Gerudo Wise Women, the smiths of the
Gorons, and the various religious priests and
priestesses of the Zora will be sought out on
sagely matters


One who lives on the sea. Sailors make their
way in the world as traders, merchants,
naval personnel, smugglers, and pirates
when times get lean. They can be found near
any major body of water.
While the Gerudo and North Hylians field
impressive navies, the Zora’s truly epic
Merchant Fleet dwarfs all with its sheer


A fighter in the many wars. With the Second
Hylian Civil War into its second century
there are current and ex-soldiers practically
coming out of the woodwork, and no end in
sight for work.
Every race fields Soldiers of some sort.
Hylian soldiers are considered the most
gallant looking of the lot, as their varied
uniforms make every battle appear to be a
macabre carnival.


A child of the streets. Urchins can be found
in the dirty streets begging for coin,
pocketing what isn’t theirs, and generally
trying to grow up to be Criminals and
Every race which relies upon urbanized
society will find urchins in their poorer


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