Lands of Hyrule

Aerie Peaks

Aerie Blin Camp

Great Aerie

North Peak

Valoo’s Rest

Ancient Barrens

Hidden Village

Midnight Tower

Robot Warrens

Ruined City

Castle City

Castle District

Coins District

Docks District

Goron District

Guild District

Shadow District

Temple District

Zora District

Dark Swamp

Citadel of Rust

Marsh Flower

Sticks Town

Swamp Blin Camp

Death Mountain

Dodongo Caves

Fire Temple

Goron City

Lava River

Deku Woods

Deku City

Great Deku Tree Glade

Kokiri Village

Last Town

East Hyrule Field

East Farms

A series of small settlements that grow much of the food stuffs for Hyrule’s East and North. Regularly patrolled by soldiers from the Old East Keep, it is fairly peaceful, though recent reports of monsters have many growing more and more on edge.

Old East Keep

Hyrule’s main military encampment in Eastern Hyrule, this Keep dates back to the old Hyrule Civil War. It’s importance has waned over the years. It is headed by Captain Galla, a grizzled old veteren who served during the last expedition into the Jungle of Skulltulas, a large scar on his cheek attesting to it.

Peahat Fields

From afar, this field looks peaceful and rather pleasant. However, nearing it reveals that it is home to very large colony of Peahats, the deadly flying plants. Most avoid it, though the occasional daring person braves it for stories speak of a lost series of tunnels filled with loot from the Hyrule Civil War.

Swamp’s Edge Town

A small town renowned for it’s large goats and rams. Sitting hard up next to the Dark Swamp, the town has been targeted in the past for attacks by various monsters, though it has been years since anything worse than a missing goat or two has riled up the town.

Fairy Wood

Fairy Village

Great Fairy Fountain

Picori Glade

Witch Coven

Great Desert

Cave of Ordeals

Gerudo Valley

Poe Lands

Timeshift Mines

Haunted Wastes

Arbiter’s Grounds

Desert Colossus

River of Sand

Spirit Temple

Hyrule Coast

Coast Town

Pirate Fortress

Prisoner Island

White Beach Resort

Jungle of Skulltulas

Castor Wilds

Dread Fortress

Madness Temple

Valley of Ooks

Kakariko Hills

Kakariko Village

Shadow Fortress

Sheikah Mines

Windmill of Storms

Lake Hylia

Lakeside Labs

Lake Village

Temple of Hylia

Wolfos Woods

Lon Lon Plateau

Darknut Valley

Horse Field

Lon Lon Ranch

Lon Lon Village

Lost Woods

Forest Temple

Lost Labyrinth

Sacred Glade

Sleepless Waterfall

North Hyrule Field


Monster Hill

North Town

River of Dangers

Province of Crenel

Cave of Flames

Crenel Wall

Mount Crenel

Scrub Mines

Tantari Desert

Desert Town

Goriya Cavern

Sand Plain

Tantari Mountain


Ice Caverns

Snowpeak Observatory

The Peak

Yeti Village

Snowpeak Valley

Grande Potion Shoppe

Keep of Corruption

Valley Town

Waterfall of Songs

South Hyrule Field

Crime Row

Hidden Blin Camp

Knight’s Academy

South Town

West Hyrule Field

Hyrule University

Lake Gate

Like Like Colony

West City

Zora Domain

Gem Cliffs

Jabu Jabu’s Rest

The Hot Springs

Zora City

Lands of Hyrule

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