Playable Races of Hyrule

The game system TLoZ: A New Line is a modified D&D 5E game, the homebrew rules having been made by a kind person nicknames Ninjadeadbeard. The following races are considered playable.


Humans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and are by far the most dominant of Hyrule’s (and possibly the world’s) lands.

Base Human Traits

Ability Score Increases – +1 to any two ability scores
Age – Humans reach adulthood in their late
teens and usually live less than a century.
Alignment – Hylians can be any alignment.
Gerudo tend to be drawn to extremes and are
very rarely Neutral, while Sheikah are
usually Lawful, although exceptions exist.
Size – Humans are medium.
Speed – Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Languages – Humans speak the language of
their home country (usually some form of
Hylian), plus one other. Humans generally
learn the languages of those they deal with,
including obscure dialects. Examples
include Goron, Zora and Moblin.
Subrace – Ancient divides and Divine
intervention among the human tribes has led
to three main subraces: Hylians, Gerudo,
and Sheikah. Choose one of these subraces.


The dominant tribe of human in Hyrule, the Hylians are blessed by the Goddess Hylia. Diverse and distinctive, their hair and eye colors vary wildly from person to person, but within normal human ranges. Their ears at long and tapered, granting them keen hearing.

Ability Score Increase – Your Wisdom score
increases by 1.
Blessing of Hylia – You may, as an action,
cast the Bless spell, without providing
material components. You must target
yourself, but may also target up to two
allies. Once you have done this, you must
take a long rest before doing it again.
Long Ears – Hylians have Advantage on
Wisdom (Perception) checks to hear noises
due to their sensitive ears.


A tribe dominated by women, the Gerudo were once cursed to have only one male to the entire people once every 100 years. With the curse nearly broken, the number is still heavily limited, but now males number about 10 a year. Dark of skin with universal red hair, the Gerudo are people of the Great Desert and have adapted to the harsh environment they call home.

Ability Score Increase – Your Constitution
score increases by 1.
Desert Born – You may add your proficiency
bonus to Wisdom (Survival) checks made in
arid climates. If you already have
proficiency in Wisdom (Survival) checks,
you instead have Advantage on such checks.
You need only half as much water as other
Fireproof Skin – Through a combination of
fiendish heritage and natural desert
adaptation, you have resistance to fire
Nimble – Gerudo are known for their quick reactions. When you roll a 1 on an attack roll, ability check or saving throw that involves Dexterity, you can reroll the die and must take the new roll.
Gerudo Weapon Training – You are
proficient in the scimitar, spear and

Round-Eared Human

Humans who hail from far-away lands, the Round-Eared humans are beginning to swell in numbers in the recent Age of Prosperity. Though many are from Labrynna, Holodrum or elsewhere, there is a growing group of Hyrule-born Round-Eared humans.

Ability Score Increase – +1 to any one ability score not already chosen.
Rounded Out – Through skill, determination, or sheer luck, you have proficiency to any one skill and a bonus feat at first level.


A tribe of human once thought a myth, this secretive group of Humans are the sworn protectors of the Hyrule Royal Family and the shadowy defenders of the Triforce. Now ‘unmasked’, they still continue their ancient missions.

Ability Score Increase – Your Dexterity
score increases by 1.
Darkvision – Sheikah can see in the dark out
to a distance of 60 feet, seeing in dim light
as though it were bright light and pitch
darkness as though it were dim light.
Speed – Your base walking speed is 35 feet.
Shadow Arts – You gain proficiency in
Dexterity (Stealth) and Wisdom (Insight).
Lens of Truth – At 1st level you may cast the
spell Identify. You must take a short rest in
order to use this again.
At 3rd level you may cast the spell See
Invisibility. You must take a long rest in
order to use this again.


Zora come in three main varieties: Ocean, River and Sky. The Ocean Zora are the most numerous and most often encountered, calling their pristine mountain valley and grottoes the Zora Domain, while also having dual-rulership over the coast and the rivers of Hyrule. Sky Zora, most commonly known as the Rito, are the last vestiges of an old curse that nearly killed all Zora. Having been lifted to the sky by Valoo, unlike their bretheren who remained or returned to the waters, they have stayed in the air. River Zora are menaces almost through and through, and as such are not a playable race.

Base Zora Traits

Ability Score Increase – You increase your
Constitution score by 2.
Age – Zoras reach adulthood at the same rate
as humans, and live for around two
Alignment – Ocean Zoras and Rito tend
toward Good.
Size – Zoras are medium.
Speed – Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Water Adaptation – All Zoras feel at home in
aquatic environments, gaining advantage on
Wisdom (Survival) checks in them.
Languages – All Zoras speak Zora and the
language of their native country (usually
some form of Hylian). Zora is a melodic
language, designed to be just as audible
underwater as it is in open air.
Subrace – There are three subraces among
the Zora. The Ocean Zora are traditionally
the friendlier of the two aquatic Zora, the
other being the usually aggressive River
Zora. Rito were Zora who, when the flood
came, made a deal with a Sky God for

Ocean Zora

The proud and haughty race of fish-like humans, the Ocean Zora call the Zora Domain their homeland, though they help maintain the rivers and the coast of Hyrule as well. Nearly killed off in the Great Zora Drought, their numbers are once more surging.

Ability Score Increase – Your Charisma
score increases by 1.
Strong Swimmer – You have a swimming
speed of 40 feet, and gain advantage on all
Strength (Athletics) checks made
Amphibious Ocean Zoras can breathe water
just as easily as they can breathe air.
Fins – Ocean Zora fins are very sturdy.
Unarmed strikes utilizing them deal slashing
damage instead of bludgeoning damage, and
increase the damage die to 1d4 if it isn’t
already higher. As a bonus action, you can
instead deploy your fins as a shield, gaining
a +2 bonus to AC but losing the ability to
make slashing unarmed strikes. This doesn’t
stack with any bonuses from an actual shield.
You can switch back to making
slashing unarmed strikes with another bonus
action. While in shield mode, your fins do not
actually count as shields. They simply provide
a +2 to AC, allowing them to function with any
defense feature that otherwise prohibits
shields. This still does not allow it to stack with
Bioelectricity – You know the Shocking
Grasp cantrip. Your spellcasting ability for
this cantrip is Charisma.


When the Great Zora Drought came close to killing the Zora, and their prayers to Jabu Jabu could not be heard, the Zora turned to Valoo who lifted almost all to the skies (save the River Zora who fled to the Dark Swamp). Given wings and the uncanny ability to navigate the clouds, the Rito are now Hyrule’s main postmen, a job they take great pride and honor in.

Ability Score Increase – Your Dexterity
increases by 1.
Blessing of the Sky – Rito may cast Gust of Wind
once per long rest.
Wings – Your strong wings increase the
distance of any long jumps you make by 20
feet, and the height of high jumps by 10 feet.
At 3rd level, you gain the ability to fly with
a speed of 60 feet for a number of rounds
equal to your level before requiring an equal
time spent resting. At 5th level, the time you
can stay in the air increases to a number of
minutes equal to your level before requiring
rest. At 7th level, you can fly at a speed of
60 feet indefinitely. Rito cannot use handheld
weapons or items while flying.
Eagle Eyes – Rito gain advantage on Wisdom
(Perception) checks involving sight.


A people of plants, the Deku all venerate the Great Deku Tree who gives them all life. By the Great Deku Trees own powers, he has shaped the Deku into their main forms.

Base Deku Traits

Ability Score Increase – Your Wisdom
increases by 2.
Age – Deku can live forever, barring
Alignment – Deku tend towards Neutral
naturally, while those raised by the Great
Deku Tree tend towards Good.
Size – Deku are small.
Speed – Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
Natural Being – Deku are part of the natural
world. Beasts, plants and other natural
creatures generally react to them one step
more positive than normal. Additionally,
Deku enjoy Advantage on Wisdom
(Survival) checks made within heavily
forested areas.
Languages – Deku speak the language of the
forest, Fey, as well as Hylian.
Subraces – Deku seem to have had the oddest
development of any race, combining magic,
evolution, and divine protection into three
separate Deku races.


Also known as the Children of the Forest, the Kokiri appear, to most, as youthful Hylian children between the ages of 7 and 12. Nigh immortal, they are bonded with a fairy companion who plays and lives with them all their lives. Once thought a mythical race, their presence in recent years beyond the Deku and Lost Woods has began stirring thoughts that other legends may in fact be true.

Ability Score Increase – Your Dexterity
increases by 1.
Type – Plant (Deku).
Natural Illusion – Kokiri are surrounded by
an effect that resembles a Disguise Self
spell, although it isn’t magical, but instead
the divine will of a god. The illusion is fully
tactile, and even produces body heat
appropriate to a small Hylian. True Seeing
or similar magic can pierce it, however,
revealing the Kokiri’s true nature.
Fade Away – Kokiri can become translucent
as an action, becoming effectively (although
not truly) invisible. This camouflage is far
from perfect; moving or taking any action
that isn’t purely mental causes them to
become visible again. This ability is
explicitly magical and won’t work in an
antimagic field.
Fairy Companion – A fairy reduced to
0 hp dies instantly. It takes 1 week for your fairy
to reform. Kokiri’s fairy may take the following
actions so long as it is within range of it’s
telepathic communication:
~ As an action, the fairy may distract a single
creature within 5 feet of itself. It’s partner Kokiri
has Advantage on their next attack against that
creature. If your DM is not using the optional
Flanking rules, this is ability is refreshed on a short
~ As an action, the fairy may give its partner
Kokiri Advantage on their next Intelligence check.
This ability may be used once per short rest.
~ As an action, the fairy may take half your level+1
in damage to allow you to spend a hit die as a
reaction to heal. This ability may be used once per
long rest.


The newest of the Korok races, they were once Kokiri who were designated the Great Deku Tree’s eye’s and ears abroad. Every year, all Korok make a pilgrimage to the Great Deku Tree to participate in the Festival of Winds, celebrating their new bodies with loud music and dancing, as well as accepting new Korok to their numbers.

Ability Score Increase – Your Charisma is
improved by 1.
Type – Plant (Deku).
Hover Leaf – Korok cannot naturally fly.
However, they are capable of building
wondrous flying devices out of natural
The Hover Leaf requires a week of work.
One finished, it may be used to fly at a
speed of 20 feet, up to an altitude of five
hundred feet, for one hour before requiring
refueling. While piloting the Hover Leaf, a
Korok may hover and turn perfectly, as if
walking on the ground.
Hover Leaves may only be used by the
Korok who built them. They can be refueled
simply by watering them or allowing them
Chapter 2-15
to soak in water for a few minutes. It takes
one gallon of fresh water to completely
refuel a Hover Leaf.
Hover Leaves have an Armor Class of 14
and 5 hit points. A Korok may repair a
damaged Hover Leaf by 1 hit point per day
of work, although if a Hover Leaf is
completely destroyed the Korok must build
a new one.
Words of the Forest – You can communicate
with mundane plants as if they were any creature
you shared a language with.
Natural Botanist – Koroks have Advantage
on Intelligence (Nature) checks regarding
plants. They also gain Advantage on any
checks related to giving care to a plant, such
as Wisdom (Survival), or even Wisdom
Gift of the Deku Tree – Koroks may cast
Goodberry once per long rest. Additionally,
they may use an action to create a single seed
for a non-magical plant once per long rest.
Finally, a Korok may use an action to accelerate
the growth of a plant once per short rest.

Deku Scrub

A race that once snubbed the Great Deku Tree, the Deku Scrubs are a people who are both trying to integrate into and fight the world around them. Though most are now are civil enough to not attack on sight, many still retreat to hiding and ambushing others. If a Deku Scrub is swayed to evil, they run the risk of becoming a Deku Baba.

Ability Score Increase – Your Constitution
score increases by 1.
Type – Plant (Deku).
Speed – Deku Scrubs have a burrow speed of
10 feet, and a walking speed of 25 feet.
Symbiosis – Deku Scrubs grow large flowers
called Deku Flowers, specifically bred to
allow a Deku Scrub to climb into them.
While inside a Deku Flower, a Deku Scrub
doesn’t require food or water as long as the
flower is healthy. Deku Scrubs gain
Advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks to
remain undetected inside a Deku Flower.
A single adult Deku Flower can only hold
one Deku Scrub, no matter its size. It takes a
week for a Deku Flower to grow to maturity.
They prefer damp soil and grow best in
swamps or near rivers and lakes.
Launch – Deku Scrubs can burst out of a
Deku Flower high into the air. As an action,
they may make a Strength (Athletics) check
to perform a high jump, and add 20 feet to
the end result.
Glide – Deku Scrubs are very light, and can
use their foliage to glide through the air at a
speed of 15 feet per round. Each 15 feet
forward also includes 5 feet of downward
Nut Spitter – Deku Scrubs spit nuts at
enemies as a natural defense. This is a
ranged natural attack that deals
1d4+Dexterity bludgeoning damage. Deku
Scrubs only have enough nuts to spit ten
times per day before their supplies are
exhausted, although they can grow new nuts
up to their capacity as part of a long rest. Damage
increases to 2d4 at level 5, 3d4 at level 11, and
4d4 at level 17. Deku only get 5 nuts per long rest.
Range is 20/100. You are proficient with this attack.
Flexible – Deku Scrubs are incredibly
flexible, capable of squeezing into spaces
less than a foot across if they need to.
Spending longer than a minute in such a tiny
space will take its toll, however – every
minute spent in a space smaller than its
head, a Deku Scrub must make a DC 12
Constitution saving throw or take one level
of fatigue. Each successful save increases
the DC by 1. Each time a save is failed, the
DC resets back to 12.


A friendly race of rock-like people, the Gorons are renowned for their craftsmanship, size and looks. The average Goron may only be about 6 or 7 feet tall, but they can grow, under certain circumstances, up to 20 feet tall. Hailing from Death Mountain, some can also be found in Snowpeak, having fled to it during the Quiet Death Curse that occurred about the same as the Great Zora Drought.

Ability Score Increase – You increase your
Constitution score by 2 and your Strength
score by 1.
Age – Gorons reach adulthood at the same
rate as humans, and live for around four
Alignment – Gorons are generally Lawful.
Size – Gorons are medium-sized, but
extremely heavy. They are between 6 and 7
feet tall, and easily between 150 and 600
Speed – Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
Earth Adaptation – All Gorons feel at home
in rocky environments, gaining advantage
on Wisdom (Survival) checks in them.
Darkvision – Gorons can see in the dark out
to a distance of 60 feet, seeing in dim light
as though it were bright light and pitch
darkness as though it were dim light.
Power Slam – As a bonus action, you may
add 1d6 to your melee weapon damage until
the beginning of your next turn. Once you use
this ability, you cannot use it again until after a
short rest.
Roll – As an action, you can start a roll. While
rolling, your movement speed is increased by 10,
you cannot use melee weapons, and you cannot
cast spells with somatic components. You may end
the roll at any time on your turn as a bonus action.
During a roll, you may use Power Slam to make a
melee attack and deal 2d8 damage to a single
target and end the roll adjacent to the target. This
damage increases to 3d8 at level 5, 4d8 at level 11
and 5d8 at level 17.
Stone Skin – You have advantage on Stealth
checks to hide when you are next to natural,
unworked stone.
Lavaborn – You have resistance to fire.
Languages – All Gorons speak their native
language (Goron), and typically Hylian.
Goron, as a language, is deep and rumbling
so that you can hear its vibrations through
light stonework.


Once a race of mighty sorcerers and warlocks, the Twili once sought to control and dominate the Sacred Realm and the Triforce by an artifact known as the Fused Shadow. Narrowly being defeated, they were banished to the Realm of Twilight, most of their powers sealed. However, a number of Twilight Portals have began opening in recent years, allowing numbers of the Twili through and communication to Twilight possible. No one is sure why this is so, a modern day mystery by people of both sides.

Ability Score Increase – You increase your
Charisma score by 2. You increase your
Intelligence score by 1.
Age – Twili have a lifespan twice as long as
humans, reaching maturity in their late teens
and living until their second century.
Alignment – Twili are typically Lawful
Neutral, with good and evil tendencies.
Size – Twili are medium.
Speed – Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Languages – All Twili speak the language of
Twilight as well as one other language,
usually Hylian. Twilight always sounds like
it is echoing in an empty chamber.
Superior Darkvision – Your Darkvision
extends to a 120ft radius.
Shadow Magic – You know the Minor
Illusion cantrip.
Interloper’s Curse – Twili have Vulnerability
to Radiant damage, and take 1d4 points of
fire damage from direct sunlight every round.
Shadow’s Blessing – Twili have Resistance to
Necrotic damage.
Umbral Embrace – At the 3rd level, you gain
the ability to hide in the shadows of others.
You may spend an Action to step into the shadow
of target creature within 5 feet of you. If the
creature is willing, this happens automatically. If
the creature is unwilling, they must be unaware
of you and fail a Wisdom save equal to 8 + your
proficiency bonus + your charisma modifier. In
either event, you step into and become part of
their shadow. While in their shadow, you are
treated as being invisible and as being in the same
space as the creature whose shadow you now
inhabit. While hiding in a shadow, you may
communicate telepathically with the creature whose
shadow you are in, and may take no actions beyond
leaving the shadow to an adjacent space as an action.
While in a shadow, you do not take damage from
direct sunlight.

Table: Random Height and Weight
Base Height + Height Modifier
Base Weight x Weight Modifier
Human, Hylian
4’8’’ +2d10
110 lb. x (2d4) lb.
Human, Gerudo
4’10’’ +2d10
110 lb. x (2d4) lb.
Human, Sheikah
4’9’’ +2d10
105 lb. x (2d4) lb.
Zora, Ocean
4’11’’ +2d8
100 lb. x (2d4) lb.
Zora, Rito
5’ +2d8
90 lb. x (1d6) lb.
Deku, Kokiri
3’8’’ +2d4
35 lb. x (1d4) lb.
Deku, Korok
2’5’’ +2d4
20 lb. × 1 lb.
Deku, Scrub
2’11’’ +2d4
35 lb. × 1 lb.
5’8’’ +2d8
140 lb. x (2d20) lb.
5’4’’ +2d10
90 lb. x (2d4) lb.

Playable Races of Hyrule

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