The classes presented in the Player’s Handbook of the 5th edition rules of D&D are all available for play. The following are ideas as given from the Zelda Homebrew.


Barbarians are beings who traditionally live
outside of civilized society. They come from
harsh lands where one must be harsher in
order to survive. Some learn to harness the
awesome power of their own inner fury to
increase their power, and allow them the
luxury of throwing themselves headlong into
battle, while others see their wild nature as
only a reflection of real Nature, and seek to
understand it.
Many Gerudo who seek power pursue the
Barbarian path of Rage, while many Gorons
see the benefits of accepting one’s nature. A
few River Zora and many of the lesser
monsters who followed Ganondorf are also
barbarians, simply because they usually
aren’t disciplined enough for other forms of
combat. It is said that some Hylians in the
cold North practice the Barbarian ways as
well as a means of survival, or because
they’ve been so far from civilization so long,
they’ve forgotten it.


Bards are eclectic mages. They tend to
pick up whatever is around them, be it
stories or sword skills. Usually Bards are
drawn from the curious and the clever, those
who love a good mystery, or just love telling
a tale over a roaring campfire. Bardic magic
is magic of senses, and they can either
manipulate or encourage those they travel
The Sheikah typically used Bards
whenever they needed magical assistance,
seeing them as natural spies and agents.
Some of the Deku races, as well as a few
Zora and Hylians, take up the Bard’s
journey. Gorons, surprisingly, hold Bards in
high honor for their ability to get people


Clerics are those who have felt a special
calling from the Gods. The Three Goddesses
receive the most worship, as
virtually everyone accepts their existence.
Every race also has one or more lesser deities
who may or may not be physically present
in the land of Hyrule. Clerics are typically the
Gods’ eyes and ears in the world, the leaders of
their worship, and their primary agents.
Hylians are renowned for their devotion
to the Three Goddesses, as well as
veneration for Hylia, their patron. The Hero
of Time is sometimes afforded a similar
level of respect, especially in Lon Lon. The
Zora worship Lord Jaboon, the Whale God,
who notably swims the entire length of their
kingdom in a year. The Koroks provide most
of the young Deku Tree’s Clerics. The Twili
often speak in hushed tone of the Twilight
Gods, but usually do not elaborate further,
while the Gerudo have almost no clerics,
feeling that the Gods abandoned them long


Druids can be found in any place where
the power of nature is deeply felt. Druids
represent the old ways, and their knowledge
of the times before even the Hylians
appeared to tame the land is vast. Druids
tap directly into the very lifeblood of the
world around them, using the absolute might
of nature in order to defend it from the
depredations of civilization.
Most Druids can be found amongst the
Dekus, particularly the Koroks and the
Deku Scrubs. Gorons and Zora Druids are
also not uncommon, as are those few
Hylians who have turned away from


Fighters are seen in every culture, for every
culture has some sort of martial tradition.
Fighters represent those few who rise above
mere soldiery and become heroes of legend.
Gerudo and Hylians each feature many Fighters,
although the Gerudo typically favor Champions,
as do Gorons, whereas Hylian Fighters will
generally follow the path of the Eldritch Knight.
Zora Fighters will also pursue Eldritch Knight.


Monks represent those people in society
who hone their own physical form to
perfection. Beyond any martial training,
the exercises and routines required
to master the Monk’s powers are both
excruciating and deeply spiritual. Those who
pursue this path are seekers of perfection.
Gerudo, Sheikah, and Twili all favor this
class. Gerudo will usually focus on the raw
power of Open Fist and Four Elements,
while Sheikah and Twili both have their
reasons for favoring Shadow. Some Zora
will also follow Four Elements. Many Rito
enjoy the discipline being a Monk affords.


Paladins are more than mere warriors. They
are sworn to a cause greater than their own.
These beings are more feared by the
remaining followers of Ganon than any other,
and for good reason.
Paladins channel the raw power of Devotion,
Justice, and the Divine.
Paladins come from every major race,
save only for the Twili, who in general don’t
get too worked up over things. Plenty of
Hylians, Gorons, and even Kokiri have
found the path of the Paladin to be to their


Rangers are the last line between
civilization and savage wilderness. You will
inevitably find them at the boundaries and
crossroads of Hyrule, striking at their foes
through the wild. Bounty hunting comes
naturally to these peerless trackers, and
many train wild animals to fight by their
Many rangers hail from the Deku Woods,
where the wildlife is always encroaching
upon the plant-folk who live there. Many
Gerudo and some Zora find the training
beneficial when confronting hostile
environments, and though Hylians are
usually bastions of civilization, there will
always be a few who stick to the
borderlands. Sheikah will sometimes favor
the Ranger class for its tracking abilities,
and its proficiency with combat.


Rogues walk the fine line between scoundrels
and outright criminality. And they love every
minute of it. The skills a Rogue picks up aren’t
always the skills stories like to praise, but
they get the job done, and done right. Being a
Rogue means being a consummate
professional, no matter how unprofessional
your work may be.
Sheikah, Kokiri, and Twili thrive as
Rogues. Sheikah often follow the Assassin
branch. Kokiri are drawn to the excitement
of leaping across rooftops and
demonstrating their skill in picking pockets
with their tiny hands. Twili are naturally
gifted with magic, and love the hijinks an
Arcane Trickster can get up to.


Sorcerers represent those people in Hyrule
who are inherently magical. Many
are descendants of Dragons, Demons and
Gods, whose bloodlines have become weak
enough not to openly manifest, while still
blessing their descendants with power.
Sorcerers are often considered holy in
Hyrule, particularly the Hylians, whose own
Royal Family claimed the lineage of Hylia
herself. But mortals were never truly meant
to have such power, and those who cannot
control it are often doomed to be destroyed
by it.
Despite their Royal Family, there are few,
if any, Sorcerers among Hylians (some say
by Sheikah design). Male Gerudo are often
either Sorcerers or Warlocks, magic being
seen as a job for the “weaker sex”, as their
Matriarch once put it. Sorcerers are fairly
common amongst the Zora, who share a
healthy relationship with their deity, and the
Twili possess a number of sorcerers


Warlocks are outcasts in almost any
society they find themselves in. Warlocks
make magical pacts with unorthodox
powers, some of which are the antithesis of
Hyrule’s own Goddesses. Warlocks may
strike a bargain for power with the Demons,
extraplanar embodiments of Evil, the Faeries,
capricious but otherwise neutral beings who
dole out their power to agents, and the
mysterious Twilight Gods. More often than not
Warlocks must hide their true nature
from friend and foe alike.
Gerudo men often make pacts as
Warlocks, though it is somewhat distrusted
by the Matriarchy for its “Ganondorf”-like
overtones. The Twili have no issue at all
with Warlocks, so long as they gain their
pacts from the Twilight Gods. A number of
Deku Scrubs have also been seduced by the
allure of the Faery Court.


Wizards are scholars of magic. They
seek to know as much as they can about it,
and they will sacrifice years of their lives in
order to unlock the power of magic. They
are also considered the “proper” spellcasters,
much more civilized than sorcerers or
druids. The ultimate goal of any Wizard is to
know everything, or barring that, to be able
to cast anything.
Hylians often train as Wizard if they do
not find the Clerical lifestyle to their liking.
Oddly, the only other race with a large
number of Wizards are the Gorons. Despite
the unfounded rumors of their intelligent
level, Gorons are actually quite inventive, as
their alchemical and mechanical prowess
can attest. Gorons find Wizardry
intellectually stimulating, and there are
several colleges in and around Death

New Archetypes and Builds

Favored Soul Sorcerer – Hylians for certain, possibly Twili?
Spell-less Ranger – Gerudo, Deku Scrubs and Gorons
Swashbuckler Rogue – Kokiri, Sheikah and Rito
Mariner Fighting Style – Zora and Hylians
Storm Sorcerer – Korok
Artificer Wizard – Twili

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