Deities of Hyrule

Gods and Goddesses fill the mythos and even the world with their presence. The following deities are eligible for worship, veneration or being reviled in foul cults. Though the TLoZ: A new Line doesn’t tend to use alignments, each deity is associated with one.

Greater Deities

The Three Golden Goddesses made the world, Din forming the land, Nayru giving the land order and law, and Farore giving the land life. Upon exiting the world, these deities left behind the artifact known as the Triforce, a power so immense it could grant any wish to those who sought it out and touched it.

Din – CG, Light & War

Din is the Goddess of Power, who formed the world. She is sometimes described as having fiery arms. Her temples are often pyramidal in structure, the color red adorned throughout.

Farore – NG, Light & Life

Farore is the Goddess of Courage, who brought to life all the living beings of Hyrule. Her temples are often open-aired, the color green flowing through them in abundance.

Nayru – LG, Knowledge and Light

Nayru is the Goddess of Wisdom, who poured her essence into the primordial world to instill the spirit of law. Her temples often are libraries, the color blue being used throughout.

Heroic Deities

The tales, legends and mysteries of these three deities (some consider them akin to ancestor spirits) permeate throughout all of Hyrule.

Ganon – LE, Death & War
Link – CG, Life & War
Zelda – NG, Knowledge & Light

Nature Deities

These deities are among the most ancient and powerful, second usually only to the Three Golden Goddesses themselves.

Great Deku Tree – N, Life & Nature

The living embodiment of the wooded lands, the Great Deku Tree is both mortal and immortal, one existing at near all times going back to Creation.

Hylia – NG, Knowledge

The Goddess who saved humanity in ancient times, she gives her name to a mighty lake where her followers make pilgrimages to.

Jabu Jabu – CN, Tempest

God of the Ocean Zora, Jabu Jabu travels the breadth of the world in a single year. His return to the Zora Domain marks the first day of the year.

Raven – N, Death & Trickery

A mysterious and secretive god, the Sheikah revere it. Though associated with Death and Trickery, it cares little for what they are used for.

Valoo – LN, Tempest & War

The mighty Dragon god of the Rito. Residing in Valoo’s Rest and attended to by the Rito, Valoo guides the Rito lightly, but defends them fiercely.

Other Deities

Though full deities in their own right, the following usually only have limited worshipers or cultists.

Cyclos & Zephos – N, Tempest
Demise – NE, Death
Fierce Deity – LN, War
Ghirahim – NE, Trickery
Great Fairies – CN, Nature & Trickery
Infernal Demons – CE, Trickery & War
Levias – LG, Nature & Tempest
Majora – NE, Death &Trickery
Twilight Pantheon – CN, Light & Trickery
Vaati – LE, Knowledge & Tempest

Deities of Hyrule

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