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The Lands of Hyrule are in Peril!

For years the land of Hyrule has seen peace and prosperity. But a string of mysterious monster attacks, the disappearances of large numbers of people and foreboding omens tell of a mighty change coming to the kingdom.

Beginning in the region of the Eastern Hyrule Field, this idyllic land will soon experience a dark turn that sparks the motivation for the party to head to Castle City and onward to destiny.

This is a game set in a homebrewed version of the Zelda universe using the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition ruleset with some tweaks. One would be the Playable Races of Hyrule. Others pages would be Backgrounds, Additional Character Options & Player Creation. To get an idea of the classes, refer to Classes.

For information pertaining to the setting, refer to Lands of Hyrule.

For information on Zelda thematic equipment and magical equipment both mundande and otherwise, refer to Equipment and Magical Gear.

A list of all deities and their respective domains may be found at Deities of Hyrule.

The Zelda Master’s and Player’s Guide links can be found here:


I do not own The Legend of Zelda nor Dungeons and Dragons 5E. They are owned by Nintendo and Wizards of the Coast respectively.

Home Page

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