Hyrule, Land of Legend. Entrance to the Sacred Realm.

Hyrule is an ancient land, it’s history going back ages to the First Dynasty, known as the Sky Dynasty. But even from it’s inception, the lands have been blessed and cursed. Pristine valleys and magnificent forests hide ruins both evil and benign. And though the ruling family has ruled through almost the entirety of Hyrule’s storied history, periods of civil strife and external wars have brought ages of both peace and bloodshed.

The lands of Hyrule have been divided into 19 regions since at least the last age, 10 being ruled by the Kingdom of Hyrule directly (2 others indirectly). The other regions are largely ruled by their native peoples.

History Since the Seal War

The ancient history of Hyrule was almost totally lost when the Dark Usurper, the Great Evil Ganondorf, conquered Hyrule. Subjugating and enslaving the peoples, only by intervention of hte Hero of Time and the Great Princess stopped his vile reign. With his soul sealed and the lands brought back from the brink, the Great Princess and the Hero of Time set forth, starting the Age of Reconstruction.

It was a long age, where the Knights of Hyrule and the Allied Peoples began forcing back the monsters that had moved in on the lands. But in time, the land was, for the most part, purged of it’s darkness. Thus bringing the Long Age of Peace.

The Long Age of Peace was quiet, marked only by minor spots of the occasional monster attack on the borderlands. This is also when the Kokiri, for the first time, made their presence truly known to the other races.

This age ended, like all do, with the rise of evil. The Dark Usurper, brought back by a foul ritual of the Sorcerer-Prince Lewel, called forth his armies of monsters. He implemented the Quiet Death Curse on Death Mountain to try and keep the Goron’s busy. He ‘blessed’ the Gerudo with new power, nearly breaking the curse of no males on them. His minions sought to destroy the Zora via magic through the Great Zora Drought. He came close to seizing the Triforce, but only by the arrival of the hero Link and Princess Zelda was he stopped. Zelda called to the Golden Goddesses, asking that the curse of unending evil be lifted from the land. In response, the Triforce elevated all three to godhood. Now deified, Link and Zelda imposed the Ban of Gods upon Hyrule. Ganon, now no longer able to wlak the plane of mortals, was placed behind seven barriers.

Now, though, the battles of the Three Heroic Gods continue by proxy by their faithful.

Age of Prosperity

Even with the extreme violence and damage done to the lands by Ganon, the people were more united now than ever. Coming together, they quickly rebuilt, turning the weapons and magics they had acquired from the defeated evil to replenish the lands and bring forth a new Age.

For nearly 200 years this Age has blessed the people of Hyrule. Odd things still occur, such as the Twilight Portals and the return of the Twili to Hyrule, and the Great Deku Tree has began lifting some Kokiri each year before him and transforming them into the Korok. Why these are occurring remains a mystery, but with renewed rumors of monsters in the hinterlands, some fear that a new dark age is brewing…


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