A dark mirror to the lands of Hyrule, Lorule is a kingdom on decline. Occupying the same space in another realm of existence, Lorule experienced a civil war much as Hyrule once did over the Triforce. Rather than let it fall into the hands of some dark power, the leaders of Lorule used it themselves to shatter it and make it no more.

Though seen as an act of desperation to stop the war, the breaking of Lorule’s Triforce kept it from the Goddesses protection, and the land slowly began to decline. Monsters swelled, the lands crumbled, and the sea itself retreated.

Blistering Wood

Skull Woods

Castle Town

Pyramid of Power

Dune Desert

Village of Thieves

Fairy Rivers

Lake of Ill Omen

Fire Mountains

Tower of the Dark Masters

Ice Ruins

Ice Palace

North Lorule Field

Village of Outcasts

Ravio Valley

Coward’s Den

Shadow Lands

Palace of Darkness

South Lorule Field

Bomber’s Run

South Sea Swamp

The Misery Mire

Turtle Rock Lake

Turtle Rock Island


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