The lands of Hyrule, Lorule and others are filled with monsters both mundane and extraordinary! Here is a list of many (if not all) of them.


Ache – A close relative to the Keese but more intelligent, some even knowing language.
Acheman – A cursed Ache, it has a humanoid form in which it seeks the blood of others.
Aeralfos – A winged lizalfos.
Ampilus – A shelled creature, it’s shell is spiked for both offense and defense.
Aneru – A worm like monster that can spit fire but prefers to bite it’s foes.
Anubis – A ‘mirroring’ enemy that is very susceptible to fire.
Aracha – Tiny scorpion-like monsters that inhabit deserts.
Armos – Constructs of stone and magic, they are very resilient to most attacks.
Arrgi – Small puff-like monsters.
Aruroda – Similar to the Aracha but larger.


Baba Serpent – Similar to most other Baba’s save it is able to move around when de-rooted.
Babusu – Shadow monsters that strike from hiding.
Bago-Bago – A skeletal fish monster.
Bari – Floating and often electrified jellyfish-like monsters.
Bawb – A small and relatively weak foe, once hit though they seal themselves and then explode.
Beamos – Statues that shoot lasers in a set pattern. The laser’s damage varies.
Bee – A giant bee.
Beetle – A giant beetle.
Big Baba – A giant version of the typical Baba.
Big Blin – A very large relative to the typical Blin.
Big Deku Baba – Larger than the typical Baba, smaller than the Big Baba.
Big Poe – A giant ghost composed of lesser, hate-filled souls.
Biri – Akin to the Bari but not electrified and much weaker.
Bubble – A floating skeletal head wreathed in magic, usually of fire or ice.
Boe – Either black or white, though weak they are dangerous in large numbers.
Bokoblin – The most typical Blin, fairly numerous.
Bombskit – A weak enemy that lays explosive eggs.
Bulblin – Similar to the Bokoblin but preferring more guerilla-style tactics.
Bulbo – A giant boar that is often used by Blins of all stripes.
Buzz – Giant grasshopper with a taste for blood.


Chain Chomp – A large monster kept on a short chain.
Chasupa – Spy bats for dark powers, effectively just eyeballs with a set of wings.
Cheep-Cheep – Large jumping fish.
Chilfos – Ice constructs that prefer using spears and javelins of hardened ice.
Chuchu – A gel-like monster ranging in size and attack options but are universally weak.
Crow – Large and greedy birds, they seek rupees for their nests.
Cursed Bokoblin – A bokoblin that has been cursed with undeath.


Dacto – Lorule’s version of a Crow, looks similar to a pterodactyl but smaller.
Daira – Crocodile-like humanoids, deranged killers in the employ of dark masters.
Dark Rat – Semi-intelligent rat, often act as spies and familiars.
Darknut – A heavily armed and armored monster.
Deadrock – A lizard that can harden itself temporarily into stone.
Deeler – A spider like creature that ambushes from above.
Deku Baba – A plant monster that is rooted in place. Will rise up and attack foes that pass.
Deku Like – A stationary monster that was made from a Like Like and a Deku Baba.
Devalant – A monster that lies in wait in a quick-sand like pool.
Dinolfos – Naturally armored Lizalfos.
Dodongo – Large two-legged monster that breathes fire. Usually quite timid.


Eyegore – An armored walking monster impervious to most attacks while it’s eye is closed.


Flare Dancer – A being of fire, they swirl and dance while shooting fire.
Floormaster – A surprisingly non-deadly enemy, they are guardians of dungeons.
Fokkeru – A fire-based harpy-like monster.
Fokka – An agile, harpy-like monster that loves swordplay.
Freezard – A monster of ice and snow, they can freeze foes in place with their breath.


Garo – Ninja-like, these humanoids turn to ash once killed.
Geldman – Made of sand, they are constructs whose purpose have been lost to time.
Geru – Amphibious humanoid monsters, look like a mix between a toad and a gecko.
Ghini – A playful but oft-times deadly ghost.
Ghoul Rat – Undead rats are no fun!
Gibdo – Mummy-like monsters.
Gibo – A single-celled monster that is usually impervious to non-magical attacks.
Gigabari – A massive Bari monster.
Gimos – Gargoyles basically.
Goriya – Ratlike humanoids that prefer to attack from range.
Guardian – A construct of large size that wields a massive sword.


Hardhat Beetle – A large beetle with a very strong shell.
Heedle – Fiery salamanders that always come in pairs.
Helmasaur – Usually gentle reptiles with a removable outer shell.
Hinox – Cycloptic ogres.


Iron Knuckles – Large constructs that hold large weapons, often used as guards and soldiers.


Karat Crab – A crab creature that has a shell of glittering gold, but is very aggressive.
Kargarok – A massive bird.
Keese – Magical bats, can be wreathed in magic much like a Bubble can.
Kodongo – Lorule’s version of a Dodongo, they are smaller but much more quick.
Ku – A race akin to Zora but now twisted and bent on serving evil.


Lanmola – Burrowing armored worms.
Leever – A creature of the sand, they lay in wait and then pop up to devour their meals.
Like Like – Slow moving monster that resemble a wet-gelatinous tube.
Lizalfos – A lizard like sword-and-boarder.
Lynel – Centaur-like, but instead of the head of a man, it’s the head of a lion.


Mago – Witch-like, they are also pyromaniacs.
Magtail – Centipedes made of stone, lava and evil.
Megmat – Chinchilla-esque, they are a very aggressive foe that tend to come in swarms.
Mini Deku Baba – An immature Deku Baba.
Miniblin – Tiny blin that swarm and stab things with their pitchforks.
Moblin – A large blin, usually viewed as leaders of other blins.
Moldorm – A rather stupid worm-like monster.
Morth – Tiny burrs allow them to attach to foes before they explode.
Myu – A spiked slime-like monster.


Octorok – Name given to a family of monsters, they primarily attack from ambush shooting small projectiles from their mouths.
Ook – Baboons with some level of intelligence.


Peahat – Flying, heavily-spiked plant monsters.
Pengator – An evil cross between a penguin and an alligator.
Poe – An evil spirit that attempts to lure people into dark areas to attack.
Popo – A mass of tentacles.


Rat – A rat.
Real Bonbchu – An exploding rat-like monster.
Redead – A ghoul with a piercing scream.
Ropa – A more mobile Popo.
Rope – A snake like monster, highly poisonous.


Sand Crab – Aggressive crabs.
Seahat – Akin to a Peahat, they live at sea and can thrive on salt water.
Sentrobe – Small flying robots that can shoot electricity.
Shadow Beat – A humanoid of shadows, these monsters are agile and attack from Twilight Portals.
Shadow Insects – Bugs from the land of Twilight, invisible to most people save the Twili.
Shell Blades – A clam with a razor sharp mouth.
Skullfish – Small skeletal fish.
Skulltula – A spider with an impervious upper shell.
Slarok – Akin to the Octorok, they reside throughout Lorule.
Snap Dragon – A monster from Lorule that runs around trying to devour most living things.
Spark – A small ball of electricity.
Spiked Beetle – An armored beetle covered in spikes.
Stal – Animated skull that tries to bite.
Stalkin – A slow moving skeleton.
Stalfos – A fast moving armed skeleton.
Stalhound – A skeleton dog or wolf.
Stinger – A manta creature with a powerful stinger on it’s tail.
Swamola – Swimming swamp worms from Lorule.


Taros – A bull-like humanoid from Lorule.
Tektite – A large jumping bug monster.
Terrorpin – A floating turtle monster.
Toadpoli – Frog monsters.
Torch Slug – A fiery slug that can spit fire.


Vire – A demon monster.


Wallmaster – A deadly version of the Floormaster.
Wizrobe – A magical monster that attacks with, well, magic.
Wolfos – Werewolves.


Zazak – A crocodile-like humanoid from Lorule.
Zirro – Flying mushrooms from Lorule.
Zol – A bouncing gel-like monster.


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